Unchapped, Slightly Buzzed: Om Remedies Tasty "Edibles"

No one has to know that your lip balm gets you a little high.

There are so many different times when you might want to get a little stoned without broadcasting it to the world. Long-distance travel, urban camping, movies, a rough day at work. And unless you identify as a "stoner," you probably want to get discreetly buzzed without the over-the-top high of most edibles or the public display and scorn that comes with vaping. Enter: Om Remedies Wild Citrus Lip Balm ($6) and Sunny Spray ($20).

Om Remedies is a local "seed to skin" company that produces a variety of cannabis topicals and tinctures, all of which are, at least subtly, marketed toward women. Its Love Balm, an "aphrodisiac, personal lubricant and edible skin food," and Cloud 9 Massage Oil are the kind of things women buy and put on their nightstand in hopes their partners will ask, "What is that?" The packaging is tasteful and the scents aren't overwhelmingly weedy and the ingredients are organic or "wildcrafted." Om's marketing materials use the word "luscious" a lot.

The Sunny Spray is a tincture of 42 milligrams of THC per gram and 2.5 mg of CBD per gram in a little spray bottle that could be mistaken for '90s throwback Binaca mouth spray. The peppermint, ginger and clove flavor does seem as if it might mask bad breath, but the secret is that it also might get you high. Sunny Spray is technically an edible, but a very-easy-to-moderate edible. In all our uses of the spray, we never felt classically high, even after four spritzes in the mouth. It was more relaxing than anything else, and also kind of tasty. If you covered the label and put this on your desk, you could maintain a nice, low-level wiggly feeling all day long.

The Om Remedies lip balm is an even trickier way to feel nice on the down low. Though the packaging and materials say it isn't psychoactive, those of us who used it in the office felt more of a buzz in our knees after using this than we did with the Sunny Spray, probably because we couldn't stop licking our lips to get at the sweet, sweet citrus oil and stevia that give it its flavor. It could also be because the lip balm contains 64.8 mg of THC per gram and 6.2 mg CBD per gram. But it was nothing unmanageable, just an understated high that makes 3 pm a little easier to get through.

The nice thing about Om Remedies products is that they are perfect for the casual cannabis user who wants to feel a little tingly without getting debilitatingly high. And while we don't necessarily condone using at work, if you don't operate heavy equipment, direct airplane landings or perform heart surgery, these probably won't mess with your ability to focus too much.

You can buy Sunny Spray and Wild Citrus Lip Balm with a medical marijuana card at many local dispensaries, including Alberta Greenhouse, Nectar and Oregon's Finest. If you don't have a card, or a friend with a card, you'll have to wait until the laws change later this year.