Dogs aren't just for baseball games and frazzled dinners by working moms anymore. Here are five in Portland that elevate the dog to art.


$8 at Olympia Provisions, 1632 NW Thurman St.

The smoked all-pork frankfurter is topped with just mustard, onion, house relish and (horrors to the purists!) ketchup. As with a European sandwich, the flavor wells up from the impossibly smoky, lightly charred meat itself.

Kimchi dog


The toppings on the rich Kobe beef dog and toasted bun are maybe unimprovable, with a beautiful point-counterpoint of fat and acid from light aioli and kimchi, brightened by cucumber and the herbal lilt of cilantro.

Hot dog

This third-generation sausage shop makes beef-pork sausages in snappy sheep's casing, smoked in alder wood and nestled in a toasted Franz roll. They grill them outside, right in front of you, as God intended. Want fancy toppings? Top it yourself. There's a mustard bar.


$6 at Stammtisch, 401 NE 28th Ave.

No one ever gets Berlin's most wonderful street food right in America—no one except Stammtisch. It's pork-veal sausage, grilled and sliced, with a few extra-crispy french fries and a outrageously rich curry-Worcestershire ketchup, and it is perfect.



$6 at Dog Town

The Lamborghini is like a ride on Disney's It's a Small World boat, sped up till it's awesome—lamb sausage, naan bread, pepper sauce, arugula and pickled onions all served up in hot-dog form. It's a trip from America to Turkey to India and back in seven wonderful bites.