5345 SE Foster Road, 788-0866, mng890.wix.com/an-xuyen-bakery. Breakfast, lunch and early dinner Tuesday-Sunday.

One of the great mysteries of our time is how banh mi can be so cheap. At An Xuyen, a homey little bakery packed with enough carbs to shutter every CrossFit gym in Portland, you will find no clues to help you solve this puzzle. Instead, you'll find a selection of well-constructed Vietnamese sandwiches, breads, buns and pastries at ridiculously affordable prices. The $2.99 sandwiches are perfect for an eggless breakfast: chewy, freshly baked bread with meat options ranging from barbecued pork to grilled pork to pulled pork to pork belly to ham, as well as tuna, chicken and veggie for non-pork eaters. The cucumber and pickled carrot give the banh mi a crunch, and the cilantro adds the feeling that you are eating a summer garden. You'll pay more in gas to get there than you will for a filling meal.

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