12 SW 4th Ave., 801-7321, donutbytelabs.com. Breakfast and lunch Wednesday-Friday, lunch Saturday-Sunday.

We have met our new mini-doughnut robot overlord, and its name is Donut Byte Labs. The robo-mini-doughnut has always had an inherent weakness: The urge to serve the doughnuts piping hot limits the flavor possibilities. But in a gritty 4th and West Burnside parking lot, Byte Labs is turning the mini cake doughnut into seriously next-level shit by adding a single ingredient: time. Byte Labs' cart offers complicated arrays of doughnut fillings and toppings in tiny tastes: layered chocolate creams made fresh in the cart, milk and honey or peanut-butter cup flavors, goat-cheese doughnuts and cotton-candy experiments. Each is a three-bite adventure—the best of which, by far, is a creme brulee that actually mirrors that dessert's texture, ever so slightly torched on top so you can feel the satisfying crack of the caramelized surface beneath your teeth.