Southwest Park Avenue and Harrison Street. Lunch Monday-Friday.

It's appropriate that Haan Ghin is smack dab in the middle of Portland State's campus in the South Park Blocks, because its mii gai ($7) tastes like the best store-bought ramen you'll ever eat in your life. It's something about the tension in the wiry, tangy vermicelli egg noodles, a little bit of tactile resistance among the pliable slices of poached chicken, basil leaves, ong choy and shards of crisp chicken skin tied together with a garlic-packed chili oil that brings to mind the college student's favorite meal. The mii gai is big enough for a fast lunch, but if you're hungry or have a few minutes to enjoy on a surrounding bench, you should get a side order of the khao niaw and jaew bawng ($2.50): fat grains of magnetically sticky rice served with a jammy, peppery, umami-rich fudge of a side sauce that is worth the splurge. Wash it down with a tallboy of coconut juice ($2) and take a trip back to your dorm days.