1668 NW 23rd Ave., 894-9482; 1520 SE 7th Ave., 381-6157; pacificpie.com. Lunch and dinner daily.

In Australia and New Zealand, the traditional cure for a bad hangover is the morning-after pie: a ball of stewed meat, gravy and cheese encased in a buttery womb of puff pastry, washed down with a bottle of blue Powerade and plenty of tomato sauce—a sweeter, spicier take on ketchup. Pacific Pie aims to bring you the Antipodean experience with a menu of traditional pie classics of the chicken pot ($10.75) variety as well as wackier offerings such as chicken burrito pie ($10.75). PPC certainly has the crust down pat: a sturdy, crumbly wall of pastry that gives way to oozy filling with a delightful crackle. Finish your meal by splitting a slice of velveteen Key lime ($4.50) and head home to sleep off the rest of last night.