1704 NE 14th Ave., 282-3681. Lunch and dinner daily.

The history of this sub and bento shop is far more storied than you'd guess from its grab-'n'-go food, its New Jersey hole-in-the-wall vibe or even the sign outside that says "since 1971." It was actually opened in 1968, by a German couple dishing knockwurst sandwiches, then sold first to two Scandinavian brothers and then to the guy who runs the Umpqua branch down the street, who passed it on to his brother. One brother added teriyaki in the '90s, while the other introduced a mean 14-inch bulgogi sub ($13.75), the doughy white roll a perfect sponge for salty Asian marinade. Subs here are the size of bulging biceps and stuffed with fistfuls of salami or peppered turkey, pickles, shredded lettuce and provolone slices. And the Jekyll-and-Hyde menu offers an egg roll and soy sauce pairing too.