Take a delicious and affordable trip around the glorious state of Oregon.

Bowpicker Fish & Chips

1634 Duane St., Astoria.

At this 28-foot converted gillnet boat, there are always 12 old men waiting in line for beautifully fresh-caught, hand-battered albacore tuna served with a raft of fries. Join them.



1970 Crater Lake Highway, Medford.

With an address that already sounds like a road trip, the magnificent double-double has punctured the state line. Even from as far away as Portland, it beckons.


Joe's Donut Shop

39230 Pioneer Blvd., Sandy.

This 40-year-old candy-striped dough den offers a ridiculously rich cronut—that's a fried croissant—fast service, and always-fresh doughnuts. It's arguably the best doughnut shop in the state.


Eastwind Drive-In

395 Wanapa St., Cascade Locks.

The Eastwind is where Cheryl Strayed first tasted civilization after ending her long, long walk. The soft-serve ice cream is good enough for you, too, motherfucker.

Fat Freddy's

6320 Pacific Ave., Pacific City.

After a brief hiatus best forgotten, Pacific City's beachfront home of towering burgers and equally towering Tillamook ice-cream milkshakes returned two years ago to the sound of hardening arteries.

The Diner

2580 SE Stratus Ave., McMinnville.

The Diner makes one of the state's greatest sandwiches—a fried-chicken club in which each layer is seasoned and housemade, and the middle slice of bread is replaced by the satisfying crunch of fried chicken.


Taqueria Guerrero

508 E 1st St., Newberg.

Half tienda, half taco spot, Guerrero serves its street tacos and huge mojado burrito ($8.95) with handmade tortillas that shame almost anything in Portland.


Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe

1425 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis.

A sweet shoyu chicken plate lunch will fill you up until dinner tomorrow. But broke high-school kids will buy rice for $1.50 just so they can douse it in the magical ginger-garlic-shoyu sauce.


Cornbread Cafe

1290 W 7th Ave., Eugene.

It's arguably Eugene's best restaurant, and it's also a perfect fit for the town—a vegan version of an old-school diner, complete with barbecued seitan and outrageously good greens.