Coffee or Booze After Your Meal? Why Not Both.

Here are some of our favorite coffee cocktails in Portland.

Bitter Coffee Tonic at Americano

2605 E Burnside St., 503-610-6126,

Americano offers a deep coffee menu, including a "daiquiri con cafe" ($10), but the elegant after-dinner choice is the bitter coffee tonic ($7), with a mix of cold brew coffee, tonic, campari and vanilla with lemon oil.

After meals at Navarre, Luce, Davenport,


Spanish Coffee at Huber's

411 SW 3rd Ave., 503-228-5686,

Portland's oldest restaurant did not invent the Spanish coffee. But it invented the experience of Spanish coffee. Bask in a fire ritual every bit as important to where you live as the ceremonial flames of the Aj q'jab.

After meals at Imperial, Dar Salam Lazurdi, Higgins.

Tijuana Speed Ball (Director's Cut) at Kask

1215 SW Alder St., 503-241-7163,

This vermouth-refined, elegant take on the tequila-coffee Tijuana Speedball is the finest adrenaline shot since John Travolta plunged a needle into Uma Thurman's chest.

After meals at Tasty N Alder, Clyde Common, Maurice.

Breakfast With Paula Deen at Bit House Saloon

727 SE Grand Ave., 503-954-3913,

This drink is much less terrifying than its name would suggest—hot coffee, cherry-washed bourbon, pecan milk, and toffee-rich chantilly French cream liqueur. It doubles as its own fireplace.

After meals at: Kachka, Trifecta, Taylor Railworks.

Krakatoa at Expatriate

5424 NE 30th Ave., 503-805-3750,

Krakatoa balances the deep roasted notes of coffee and almond with surprisingly bright notes of pineapple, lime and the candied fruit of Dimmi Italian liqueur—plus a hearty depth charge of both tequila and smoky mezcal. It's always kindness that kills you.

After meals at Expatriate, Beast, DOC, Mae, Old Salt.


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