Here's Where You Can Fill Out Your Burger Madness Bracket

Here's where you come in.

Fat Head's burger (Thomas Teal)

Burger Madness pits 64 patties against each other in four regional brackets: Brewpub Burger, Burger Burger, Bar Burger and Bistro Burger. We seeded the burgers based on their reputations, just like in the NCAA Tournament. Then we ate them to see how they'd perform on the day in question, just like in the NCAA Tournament.

Each of our four writers ate his or her way through one regional bracket. We will reveal their picks round by round in the coming weeks until the best burger in Portland is crowned.

When it hits the Final Four, our critics' top picks face off against each other—and all four writers eat together. At the championship, we'll eat the top burgers again to make sure the best burger is actually the best.

Here's where you come in: We want you to complete your own brackets here, or fill out the brackets in our paper, and email pictures of them to You have until midnight Friday, March 3, to turn in your bracket. After that, we will start to reveal our writers' picks.

Whoever matches our bracket the closest will get $150 to spend on drinks and burgers at Bar Bar on North Mississippi Avenue. Everyone else will get a chance to show who they think should have won.

Burger Madness Bracket

NOTE: When saving your bracket, click "Print," and then "Open PDF in Preview," so your answers get saved. Then email it to

Grain & Gristle (Thomas Teal)

Welcome to Burger Madness

Here's Where You Can Fill Out Your Burger Madness Bracket

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