We're entering peak tomato season, folks.

Few fruits or vegetables seem to ignite such passion at farmers markets or get splashed across social media with regularity in late summer as those fleshy red and yellow orbs.

From now until the end of September, you'll see the fruit snuggled up next to a pillow of burrata, sliced and spread across wood-fired pizzas—and now, perched atop ice cream cones in frozen form.

As a tribute to Elephants Delicatessen and its 40th anniversary, Ruby Jewel has created an ice cream inspired by the shop's iconic tomato orange soup.

From noon to 3 pm Thursday, Aug. 22, you can snag a free mini cone of the new flavor for free at all Elephants locations.

But anyone who misses the freebie can still get a sample for a limited time at Ruby Jewel's store on Northwest 23rd Avenue.