It's Guy Fieri hunting season in Portland!

Every few years, the frost-tipped, flame-roasted host of Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives—"Triple D" for short—blesses our burgh with his presence, rolling through town in his Chevy Camaro in search of new restaurants to annex to Flavortown.

Last time he was here, in 2016, those conquests included Ataula, Matt's BBQ and Grassa, among others. And because 2016 feels like it was 87 years ago, he also partied with Festus Ezeli. Who?

This time around, Fieri was first spotted in the crowd at Moda Center watching the Blazers-Hornets game on Jan. 13, possibly hoping to finally see his old friend Festus in action. Once it was determined that it was neither the singer of Smashmouth nor Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, the local food media immediately began tracking his movements.

Eater reported that ex-Oregonian film critic Shawn Levy was invited to fill seats for Fieri's visit to Hollywood's once-hidden gem Chin's Kitchen. "He was exactly the dude he is on TV (though, surprisingly, taller than I thought he'd be)," Levy told the website in an email, "very friendly and quick-spoken and very engaged with whomever he chatted with."

Woodstock institution Otto's Sausage Kitchen and Northeast Portland torta joint Guero also confirmed—or at least strongly hinted—on social media that Fieri and his crew had stopped in as well.

Now, we've got one more spot to add to the pile: A tipster informed WW that Fieri also filmed a segment at Israeli favorite Aviv. An employee reached by phone confirmed the rumor.

Sorry, vegans—your favorite hummus belongs to Flavortown now. It is what it is.