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A Portland Pizzeria Gives Out Free Toilet Paper With Deliveries

A few people have called in needing toilet paper more than pizza.

Now that bars and restaurants are closed except for takeout, one Portland eatery has come up with a plan to keep things from literally going to shit.

The Portland State University location of Pizza Schmizza has started selling all its pies for $15, and on top of that, it's throwing in a roll of precious toilet paper with every delivery.

"It just started out more than anything as a promotion to get people in here and add a little levity to everyone's fears," says Rogér Jehan, director of operations. "We're a restaurant supply place and we've got quite a bit of toilet paper."

Toilet paper, of course, has been disappearing from store shelves en masse as people self-quarantine. The idea for the promotion came to Jehan earlier this week, when the restaurant was brainstorming ways to keep business running after restaurants across Oregon were ordered to close their dining rooms.

"Toilet paper is just one of those things that everyone seems to want," says Jehan. "And it kind of goes hand in hand with anything that you eat."

"If we had bleach, we'd probably give that away as well," he adds.

So far, the tactic has been successful—the pizzeria has seen an uptick in orders. A few people have called in needing toilet paper more than pizza.

"One guy said, 'How many pizzas can I buy?'" says Jehan. "And I said, 'I tell you what, the more pizzas you buy, I will exponentially add more toilet paper.'"

The offer is valid while toilet paper supplies last, which Jehan estimates will be for at least another week.

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