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Nodoguro Slims Its High-End Japanese Tasting Menu Down to Bento Size

Over the past three weeks, chef Ryan Roadhouse has compressed his omakase model into bento-style take-home dinners.

Nodoguro is one of Portland's most refined dining experiences—a hardcore sushi bar with rotating 15-course meals thoughtfully devised and artfully plated by chef and co-owner Ryan Roadhouse. It would also seem among the restaurants least equipped to pivot toward takeout. "We literally didn't have a to-go box in the house," says Roadhouse, who opened Nodoguro on Southeast Belmont Street with his wife, Elena, in 2015. It's not like the concept is beneath him—he's even mulled the idea of a delivery-only side operation in the past. He just never had much reason or time to actually do it. But with his dining room closed, he suddenly had a surplus of both. Over the past three weeks, Roadhouse has compressed Nodoguro's omakase model into bento-style take-home dinners. "It's a pure survival mechanism," he says. "It's keeping the thing going at its most bare bones." Selections change weekly depending on availability of ingredients, but the quality remains at the level diners have come to expect. It's working so far: Roadhouse planned to make the boxes available only twice a week, but demand has now upped that to three. (On the couple's Shopify page, customers can also purchase soaps and hand sanitizers from Elena Roadhouse's Eleusis brand.) Here's what was in a recent box:

Nodoguro's bento boxes can be ordered at nodoguro-eleusis-shop.myshopify.com for curbside pickup at 2832 SE Belmont St. $65. Supplies are limited.