Not all heroes wear capes—and some of them go by the name Skweezy.

Last week, fast food chain Wendy's announced it would be giving away free four-piece chicken nuggets nationwide for one day only. Upon hearing the news, a hungry Lents resident hatched a devious plot: to fully take advantage of the company's generosity during These Uncertain Times and visit 11 Wendy's drive-thrus in the Portland and Vancouver area—not once, but twice.

"So the first thing was, obviously, I was hungry and heard about it, so I figured I would go get some nuggets," the internet personality known as Skweezy Jibbs tells WW. "But then I was like, 'Wait, I'm gonna be hungry later. And tomorrow. And next week, too.'"

Armed with a makeshift face mask of moisture-wicking boxer briefs and a skillet to assist with social distancing (which, he confesses, he only employed twice), Jibbs hopped in his girlfriend's car and set off on a journey that would ultimately last five hours.

"Next thing you know," he says, "I'm getting more nuggets than a prospector."

Not only that, he also got a shoutout from the official Wendy's Twitter account:

But fame has its consequences. Jibbs—the alter ego of comedian Tim Savage, who previously went viral in 2017 after convincing the internet he named his newborn son "Fidgit Spinner"—says, "Peeps were talkin' shit, sayin' I was selfish," so he ended up giving half his haul away to his neighbors. He confirms to WW that he kept all the sauces, though: