The U.S. isn't the only place where free and fair elections are threatened.

The people of Belarus have been protesting their autocratic president, who brutally suppressed demonstrators, for weeks. Now you can help support their efforts by ordering a special dish at Kachka.

Chef and co-owner Bonnie Morales' family is from the former Soviet republic, and felt compelled to act. So she added a traditional Belarusian draniki—potato pancakes—to the menu to help raise money for the Human Rights Foundation Defend Belarus fund.

All proceeds from the $12 dish will go to the cause.

"It's heartbreaking to watch such violence and brutality unfold in my parents' home country," Morales said in a press release. "Kachka stands in solidarity with Belarusians who are protesting the fraudulent re-election of Alexander Lukashenko. We are energized seeing long overdue wide-spread opposition and the birth of a free and just Belarus. But we can not simply watch from afar—they need our support to keep pushing forward."

Starting this week, Kachka has relaunched its happy hour after finding its rhythm with the Alfresca version of its restaurant, which opened with cabana-style seating in late June. Deals on everything from Jolly Rancher-inspired Jell-O shots to khachapuri garlic knots run 3-5 pm daily.