After hitting the pause button on opening a fully operational restaurant with in-person dining last year, Holler is finally ready to welcome customers into its new space.

On April 15, the Sellwood neighborhood chicken joint will officially launch with 50% seating capacity, along with a longer menu than what is currently available for to-go orders.

Holler, which was originally supposed to open last June, is the latest collaboration between Doug Adams and Jen Quist, the team behind Bullard, the Woodlark Hotel's purveyor of Texas-meets-Oregon smoked and braised meats. The pair decided to postpone opening plans because of the pandemic but managed to pivot to takeout the following month.

The poultry-focused offerings at Holler are the result of chef Adams' popular fried chicken Sundays at Bullard. The birds' buttermilk-coated skin, and limited availability, made the dish an instant hit and natural concept to spin off on its own.

There will, however, soon be an expanded menu that includes burgers doused in a secret sauce, salads and chicken that's prepared numerous ways: grilled and served in a bucket, placed on sandwiches, or sold simply as strips. The space also has a bar with 16 taps and multiple flat screens.

When the dining room opens, customers can expect the restaurant to follow COVID-19 safety protocol, including mask wearing, physically distanced tables and menus printed on disposable placemats.

Even though the brick-and-mortar is expanding its operations, the Holler food truck will continue to travel and serve meals around town. Quist and Adams do, however, plan on announcing its more permanent location in the coming weeks.