Tonight Is the Last Night for Hammy’s Pizza

As soon as the pizza parlor runs out of sauce, it’s over—and it’s almost out of sauce.

After 15 years of late-night pizza delivery, Hammy Pizza is calling it. The pizza parlor—home to Sicilian slices and unique pizza recipes like cheeseburger and breakfast pies—closes its doors tonight.

How late are they open? “As soon as we run out of product, it’s over,” the staff person who answered the phone said. He said that staff learned from a mass text message last week that the restaurant was closing up shop. But the staff had been “kind of watching business dwindle for a while.”

Hammy’s opened in 2007 and established itself to the mid-Old Portland crowd for its ultra-late delivery hours (until 4 am!). On a Reddit post titled “Hammy’s Pizza Closing 4 Good,” customers reminisced about the delight of piping-hot pizza at 3 am, when they were in need.

“Fond memory of a Hammy’s delivery driver coming to our house twice in one night (because we were that wasted) and saying ‘potatoes again, huh?’” a user going by Fuzacris wrote.

Rumors of the impending closure began spreading on social media yesterday, along with the claim that the business could be purchased from the owner for $40,000. WW could not confirm that amount, but we have reached out to the owner for comment and will update this post if he responds.

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