Laurelhurst Italian Restaurant Tabla to Close After Nearly 14 Years

After nearly 14 years, bustling Laurelhurst Italian spot Tabla is closing.

Founding chef and owner Adam Berger's pasta restaurant, best known for its Piedmontese tajarin pasta with truffle butter and its namesake ricotta ravioli, will close December 3.

For the past four years, Berger has been in the fast-casual meatball business; he just opened a second St. Johns location of his 24th and Meatballs counter service spot  he opened in 2012 at the Ocean on Northeast Glisan Street.

Tabla's Northeast 28th Avenue location will be keeping it in the neighborhood, however. Guero Mexican food cart just down the street has bought the business and will be opening up a brick and mortar there; owners Alec Morrison and Megan Sanchez have bought out the lease and will sling their trademark Yucatecan-style tortas and bowls out of that location. Morrison says he has not finalized any details as of yet.

Here's the farewell message from Adam Berger:

As all good things must come to an end, Tabla will be serving its last meal.

I would like to thank my family, my employees, my guests and my vendors for 14 amazing years.

We have made over 150,000 orders of Tajarin with Truffle Butter and 50,000+ orders of Tabla Ravioli – each and every one made to order and simmered for exactly 2 minutes.  I will always remember the look on guests' faces when they took that first bite.

Please join us one last time for a bowl of our delicious pasta.

Please come in to say good bye to Byron, Blake, Sedona and the rest of the crew.

We would love to see all of you before we close the doors after service on Saturday, December 3rd.

If you have a gift certificate, please come in and use it.

And I know you are wondering….. the awesome folks from Güero No. 1 Tortas down the block will be opening their first brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Tabla space. Stay tuned for details from Alec and Megan. 

Again, thanks to all. 

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