Vancouver Just Gets Cooler, As They Break Ground on Restaurants in Giant Waterfront Development

Vancouver brewery Ghost Runners announced they'll also be opening in the Grant Street Pier.

(Business Wire)

For more than a hundred years, the Couv's access to the Columbia River waterfront was blocked by a series of mills.

But in summer 2016, construction began on a major waterfront development, a 32-acre $1.5 billion dollar development, which will include an Indigo hotel, restaurants, office and retail space.

And this week, Portland/Vancouver-based developers Gramor Development, Inc. broke ground on two restaurants in the Grant Street Pier, which will be part of the major development.

The planned restaurants are WildFin American Grill and Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar, which are set to open in 2018.

Last month, Vancouver brewery Ghost Runners announced they'll also be opening a location in the Grant Street Pier, which will include "an additional 1,200 square feet of picturesque open-air space at the water's edge."

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The running-themed brewery is currently situated in a warehouse in a remote office park. Their new location will overlook the $35 million park that will extend the five-mile Columbia River Waterfront Renaissance Trail.

Plans also include a 90-foot cable-suspended pier that's lit up at night, which is destined to become the city's most recognizable landmark, and arguably topping anything Portland has done with its two river shores.

This development may effectively make the Portland suburb actually cooler than Portland. That is, until 2032, when the South Waterfront gets this giant waterfront dock of dreams.

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