Crazy-Popular Ranch Pizza Will Open a New Bar With Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse

Also, Brock has decided on a name for his bar, and it's not Glory Hole

Sometimes the world just makes you smile.

Delivery-only Ranch Pizza began delivering heavenly deep dish pies to beer bars this year on Southeast Division Street and was one of the five food makers WW named one of the five best in a new world of fun, casual pop-ups.

Now, Ranch owners Eric Wood and Richard Corey will be making pizza in a brick and mortar spot, which also happens to be Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock's new bar.

It'll be called Poison's Rainbow, and it'll open in mid-January.

WW broke the news this July that Brock had signed a lease on a new bar in the old Red Flag space on 28th and Flanders. At the time, Brock hadn't yet decided on a name.

"Isaac would really like to call it Glory Hole," said Matt Brown of Title Bout, the company helping Brock put his bar together. "I don't know if we're going to go for that one….One morning Isaac is going to wake up and text me something genius and that will be the name."

Well, apparently that text came in.

But Brown and Brock had also been on the hunt for good food to put into Poison's Rainbow. As of July, Brown had been kicking around ideas like bringing in an outlet of Tommy Habetz's Pizza Jerk. Habetz is a partner with Brown at Bunk Bar.

"Shortly after trying Ranch Pizza and meeting Eric and Richard," reads an e-mail to WW, "a glorious partnership was formed." Brown tells WW he's "stoked" to have Ranch Pizza come aboard.

Ranch's Sicilian style pies are hand-sliced beauties with aged mozzarrella and deep, garlic-filled red sauce. Ranch will keep offering their classic pies, but they'll now be able to add some new items to the menu.

"Because of our format," Ranch's Wood tells WW, "we haven't been able to offer specials or change the menu very often. We're excited to start offering some other cool pizzas and special dishes based on what's seasonal, or just what sounds good to us."

One of the ideas they're kicking around is a little nutty, though. "I'm not saying we'll do this," says Brown," but we had an idea where we'd do a special where we have a PBR tallboy and one giant meatball. Or a PBR tallboy and a rib."

The bar will be operated by Title Bout—a company consisting of Matt Brown, Jessica Williams and Collon Connon that also plans to help blockbuster food cart Chicken and Guns expand into a series of Portland locations.

Ranch Pizza will stop delivering to Beer Mongers, Apex and Baerlic in mid-December—but plan to re-open inside Brock's bar Poison's Rainbow a month later.

Want to watch it all happen? Here's the new Poison's Rainbow Instagram with some early construction shots.

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