Lents Will Get a Big New Craft Beer Bar and Food Cart Pod in Long-Empty Parking Lot

Deep Southeast Portland is the new frontier for ambitious food cart projects.

After years of false starts, Lents is heating up.

Next spring, the food-starved neighborhood will get a big new project called Flipside Bar and Carts. Located at Southeast 93rd Avenue and Woodstock Boulevard, Flipside will comprise an eight-cart food cart pod, a rooftop deck and a 2,500-square-foot indoor bar and seating area with cocktails and around 15 craft beer taps. The bar will be part of a new mixed-use construction project, and is planned to seat 65 indoors with 32 seats on the roof. It'll be open from 10 am to 2 am daily.

Flipside will be a family affair, says co-owner Mark Lisac, owned and run by two generations of the Lisac family. Lisac lives up the street from Flipside. The food, he says, will be a "pretty good mix—some Thai food, some hamburgers, sushi, ramen, Mexican food."

The bar also plans live music and karaoke, something missing in shorter supply in the immediate neighborhood since the New Copper Penny closed up shop last year.

This is the second hugely ambitious East Portland indoor-outdoor food hall announced this year. As WW first reported this August, the family behind OM Seafood Market and Restaurant is starting construction on a gigantic new Pine Street Market-style indoor restaurant and outdoor food cart pod on 82nd Avenue called Collective Oregon Eateries. That project is expected to open by fall 2018.

Flipside is expected to open in May 2018, just in time for summer. There'll also be a few apartments added to the new building project, for those who like very convenient food and/or booze.

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