20-Year-Old Clay’s Smokehouse Is Back Open on Division After Closing for a Year

Opening day was Dec. 1.

When Clay's Smokehouse closed last year, it looked like another sign of a changing Southeast Division Street—a street that has become emblematic of a fast-changing Portland, and has quickly become ground zero for new vegetarian and vegan fare. Moving into their spot was a (quite good) vegetarian Thai spot called Kati.

Well, hold your pork ribs—Clay's Smokehouse is back open, just a block away from their previous location.

In the space briefly held by jazz and blues bar Loon, across from the former Tidbit cart pod, Clay's Smokehouse Grill is back in business again, serving up burgers, pulled pork, spare ribs, hot wings and BBQ salmon.

Official opening day was Dec. 1, and they're now open every single day from 11 am to 11 pm. As fits their new location in a former bar, they're showing Blazer games and serving up wings and nachos.

But as if reading the vegetarian tea leaves in this neck of the woods, Clay's did put up a little announcement yesterday on their Facebook page: