The Blazers had their best season in 20 years, but the offseason is still where they go the hardest.

Not when it comes to, like, free agency and stuff like that. But where hilarious social media beef is concerned, dudes are the defending champs, and they're kicking off the summer of 2019 in spectacular fashion—with a full-on NBA rap battle.

Almost since he into the league, Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, aka Dame D.O.L.L.A., is widely considered the best rapper in the league. It's a low bar, frankly, but he really does have skills—he's got albums and does concerts and everything!

But a challenger to his throne has emerged, in the form of MB3FIVE, better known (?) as 20-year-old Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley III.

Bagley appeared on ESPN's First Take this morning and was effectively goaded into calling Dame out by co-host Max Kellerman.

Asked by Kellerman who the better MC is, Bagley somewhat sheepishly responded, "Man, me. Me. Man, I love music. I love music. So, I'm gonna go with myself."

A few hours later, on his Soundcloud page, Bagley dropped a track called "No Debate," which features a photo of Lillard on the cover, and which he shared on Twitter with a not-so-subtle watch emoji.

It didn't take long for Mr. D.O.L.L.A. to clap back.

During tonight's NBA draft, Lillard issued a response on his own Soundcloud page. "Was about to pass, because you're still in a Pamper, bruh/And I never seen Floyd spar with amateurs," he raps, before going on to call Bagley a "clown" and "a fan," and asking, "How a King come to battle, knowing the kingdom worthless?"—though the famously wholesome Lillard does make sure to note that he's "got potential."

Check out the track below. And don't mind the parental advisory sticker—there's like one "shit" on there.

Judgement came swiftly: Lillard won that round, and even one of his recent Conference Finals opponents had to agree. Or, to put it another way:

Dame wasn't done, though, even though he said he was.

A little while later, Lillard—who's apparently in the studio working on another album—dropped another response, this one called "Bye Bye" and featuring a famous image from another of Dame's conquests as the art:

Not bad for a night's work. Though really, he could've just shared Bagley's Twitter bio photo and been done with it:

Update, 6/21: Bagley has issued a response called "Checkmate." It doesn't really help his cause.