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Damian Lillard Now Owns a Car Dealership in McMinnville

And yes, it will actually be called “Damian Lillard Toyota,” although, from the sound of it, it’ll almost function as a de facto Damian Lillard museum.

Damian Lillard wants to know, "What will it take to get you in this car today?"

The Trail Blazers star announced yesterday that he has purchased a Toyota dealership in McMinnville. His partner in the venture is Brian Sanders, founder of the local nonprofit A Working Family's Christmas.

And yes, it will actually be called "Damian Lillard Toyota," although from the sound of it, it'll almost function as a de facto Damian Lillard museum.

In fact, the company doesn't refer to itself as a dealership, but rather a "campus." According to its website, amenities include a Pop-a-Shot machine, pingpong tables and locally baked "Letter O" doughnuts, along with video installations and signed memorabilia. It also promises to make the car-buying process a little less painful.

"We want you to receive the best possible pricing on vehicles without having to endure the typical process that everyone hates," the website reads. "Just because you didn't grow up haggling with street vendors for a living doesn't mean you shouldn't be entitled to the same kind of deal as someone who did."

Even if you don't believe that, there are other incentives for buying from the company. Customers will be entered in the "Damian Lillard VIP Club," offering "preferred access" to Lillard visits and events, plus special offers for Trail Blazers and Timbers games, Yamhill County wineries, concerts (if we ever have those again) and McMinnville's greatest attration, the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. In addition, during the season, Lillard will select 40 customers to sit in the 100-level section during a game at Moda Center.

Lillard's also already promised a fan on Twitter to autograph a truck if they buy from him.

Check out a video tour of the, uh, campus below:

To celebrate the grand opening of the dealership campus, McMinnville Mayor Scott Hill officially declared Oct. 1 "Damian Lillard Day"—meaning the suburb got one before Portland proper.

Just another broken promise from Ted Wheeler.

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