You Can Wrestle as Damian Lillard in a New WWE Video Game

His finisher involves literally dunking on his opponent's head.

Damian Lillard loves three things: basketball, rap and 1990s pro wrestling.

He's obviously lived the dream when it comes to the first two. And while he's yet to step into the ring like some of his teammates, he has made the WWE roster—in a video game.

In September, 2K Sports—the publisher behind the NBA 2K series, another game Lillard is familiar with—released WWE 2K Battlegroundsan arcade-style button-masher featuring current stars and big names from the past, including Hulk Hogan, the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. (And Doink. Can't forget Doink.)

Last week, the developers announced the addition of two playable characters from outside the world of wrestling: human kegstand Rob Gronkowski and "Laheem" Lillard, the name he's previously said he would go by if he gave up hooping for the fake fighting arts.

The news comes a few weeks after Lillard revealed a special edition of his signature shoes inspired by the legendary Ric Flair.

Based on gameplay footage, Lillard's Battlegrounds finisher involves literally dunking on his opponent's head. It doesn't appear to have a name, but if it's not called the Bad Shot, what are we even doing here?

Watch Laheem the Dream squash Kane—the Demon Mayor of Knox County, Tenn.—below.

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