Watch Damian Lillard Attempt to Teach Cardi B How to Play Basketball on the Rapper’s New Web Series

Lillard puts her through a series of drills—all while she's wearing 5-inch nails.

Cardi B. IMAGE: Chris Allmeid/Wiki Commons.

Cardi B, it turns out, does not have a wet-ass jumper.

On her new web series, Cardi Tries, the Bronx rapper, political pundit and lovably raunchy media personality does what the title implies and attempts to learn a new skill. On the latest episode, she decides to give basketball a go.

And who should she reach out to for help? None other than Dame DOLLA himself, Damian Lillard.

The episode was not shot in Portland but at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. Lillard puts her through a series of drills—all while she's wearing 5-inch nails—along with some precocious preteens who are at once starstruck and bemused by the whole scenario.

It ends with a game of HORSE—or rather HOOP—with Lillard pulling up from half-court for all the marbles. Not to spoil anything, but they don't call him Logo Lizard for nothing.

The 16-minute episode is available on Facebook Watch and Instagram, because that's how we consume media now. Here's a teaser:

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The new-look Blazers, meanwhile, are currently 2-2 in the young NBA season and not exactly living up to expectations. Maybe there's a rapper out there who can spend the afternoon teaching them how to play winning basketball.

In fact, I think I know one.

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