The Blazers’ Damian Lillard and Anfernee Simons Were the Stars of the NBA All-Star Game. Watch the Highlights.

It was a good night for the Blazers.

The NBA really didn’t need to have an All-Star Weekend this year—but if they were going to do it, at least two Blazers dominated the highlights.

Let's start with the headline: Your backup point guard Anfernee Simons became the first junior high school student to win the Slam Dunk Contest! He paid tribute to Tracy McGrady, grabbed a ball off a second tiny hoop and failed to kiss the rim. All in all, a solid performance, particularly compared to the non-Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon dunk contests of the past few years.

Then, it was Dame Time.

Damian Lillard has threatened to start shooting from the half-court line, and while he's yet to start launching 'em from quite that far in an actual game that matters, he took the opportunity to show that he totally could hit from that range if he chose to. He made two absurd shots during the game, one from legitimately in the backcourt, and another buzzer-beater from just barely inside to ice the game for Team LeBron.

He was the game's second-leading scorer with 32 points but lost out to teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo, who went 16-16 from the field.

Check Dame's two highlight reel shots below: