The Portland Pickles Have Recovered Their Stolen Mascot

Dillon T. Pickle was found after being nabbed by a porch pirate.

The greatest manhunt in the history of Portland has ended.

Dillon T. Pickle, the mascot of the Portland Pickles, has been recovered after being delivered to the wrong address and stolen.

According to a press release, the 7-foot pickle costume was deposited at Voodoo Doughnut’s Southeast Davis Street location by someone who wished to remain anonymous.

“We are so happy to have Dillon back,” Pickles co-owner Alan Miller said in a press release. “It’s incredible to see our community come together to get the word out about our missing pickle. We would not have him back if it wasn’t for the amazing people of Portland and Pickles fans around the world.”

The bizarre saga of Dillon’s theft begins in the Dominican Republic. Team general manager Ross Campbell was traveling with the costume, which was misplaced by baggage handlers.

After being found by Delta Airlines, Dillon was mistakenly delivered to a home in Southeast Portland, then stolen by a porch pirate.

Ultimately, Dillon was recovered almost by accident. The team says a stolen black duffel bag containing the mascot was abandoned on a public bus, then recovered by the anonymous finder, who dropped it off at Voodoo.

The press release reported that Dillon was worn, but in “good” condition.

“There was minimal damage to his Pickle exterior, luckily nothing too major, ‘’ said Campbell. “Luckily, we can put him back into The Pickle Jar to replenish his health.”

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