The Latest Sighting of the Portland International Airport Carpet? On Trail Blazers Jerseys.

The original PDX carpet is indeed resting in pieces.

The Portland International Airport carpet never says die.

While many Portlanders were saddened to see the iconic carpet design of PDX ripped up in 2015, the design has been resurrected in many forms. As of this morning, that includes the new “City edition” jerseys for the Portland Trail Blazers.

The jerseys are predominantly black, with a swath of teal cutting across revealing the carpet pattern, as large white letters say “PDX” across the chest. A tag in the bottom corner reads “#RIPCITYCARPET,” referring to Portland’s nickname as “Rip City,” but also ironic given that the original PDX carpet is indeed resting in pieces.

The shorts are also mostly black, with thick teal stripes down the sides showing the carpet pattern. The team’s merchandise website claims, “No other team would be as confident and quirky as to model their uniform design around an airport carpet pattern.”

The actual carpet itself is also due to gain new life in 2024, when PDX opens its newly renovated terminal. The decision was no doubt encouraged by the cult status that the carpet has gained. The architect on the renovation, Sharron van der Meulen, previously noted to WW, “I always joke that if we didn’t use the carpet and our name was associated with this terminal project, we’d probably be run out of the city.”

The new uniforms will be worn on the court for the first time on Nov. 15 when the Blazers play the San Antonio Spurs in Portland. Hopefully, the carpet pattern will not lead the opposing team to walk all over them.