The holidays are wrapping up and 2018 is closing, but that doesn't mean that there isn't more cheer to spread.

No matter the weather or the date, we at Willamette Week are always working to bring you the news (remember the Snowpocalypse of January 2017? That didn't stop us!)—and that is particularly true of our delivery drivers who at the wee hours of the morning bring fresh bundles of papers to all the blue boxes and businesses around town.

One of our drivers, Taryn Zychal, shared a poem she wrote, thinking of her route on the night of Christmas Day.

Just half past midnight and I hadn’t gone far, about 3000 newspapers were packed in my car. The city was sleeping and the traffic was light, when I went out to deliver them on a cold Christmas night. Holly and jolly, still full from before, everything was so tasty I kept returning for more. Without any sleep, just caffeinated tea, I set out to deliver weekly news that is free. Blazing right through them as if I had a guide, I looked down on my dashboard to see a blinking red light. No reindeer were present, no horses, no pigs- just a feeling like this is more than a delivery gig. So into the night, blasting “Smooth” by Santana, a coffee for breakfast, on deck, a banana. The sun was still hidden when I tied my bandana, and realized as I stuffed a box that I’m a Willamette Week Santa.

Happy 2019 from all the Willamette Week Santas, Portland!