The first round of Mayoral Madness is a buzzer-beater, with several major upsets brewing just hours before the polls close at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time today.

The big one: Sixteenth-seeded Victoria Taft is holding a lead over Portlandia star and number-one-overall seed Carrie Brownstein. If this result holds—and there's no telling, since this is by far the race with the most voters—it'd be the Mayoral Madness equivalent of Lehigh upsetting Duke, if Lehigh were also Bob Jones University.

Even closer: the contest between the battling Canzanos, John and Anna. With both spouses issuing pleas to their respective followers on Twitter, neither has held a lead larger than 10 votes over the weekend, though Anna is slowly eeking out a larger advantage.

The most serious campaigning we've seen is in the neck-and-neck race between seventh-seeded gossip king Byron Beck and PHAME Academy director Stephen Marc Beaudoin. Beck was the first candidate to create a slogan—"What the heck, vote for Beck"—while Beaudoin has announced that a donor will give $500 to PHAME for every round he advances in the competition.

Thai-cart chef Nong Poonsukwattana holds a slim lead over a bacon maple bar (the replacement for a disqualified Tres Shannon), and Lars Larson cannot shake the footsteps of Mohamad Osman Mohamud, the alleged holiday-tree bombing conspirator.  

The round's big leaders so far? Fire Chief Erin Janssens has the largest percentage of votes, and Leverage star Timothy Hutton the highest margin of victory.