In the home stretch of our month-long ice cream quest, Scoops' out for Summer, we send intern John Locanthi to track down a roaming shave ice truck.

Organic Island Snow Shave Ice
Locations vary, see Facebook for schedule.

Price per scoop: $2 kid-size (8 oz); $3 adult (16 oz)
Most popular flavor: Guava
The person in front of me: I was all alone
Best for: An all-organic, sweet icy snack on your way to the co-op grocery store.

When you're walking down hipster and bohemian-laden Alberta Street, while the cars driving by you bludgeon your ears with bass-heavy rap, an authentic Hawaiian shave ice stand doesn't seem that out of place. In fact, it would probably be weirder if there weren't an organic shave ice place here.

What makes it organic, you ask? Well, according to the man working the stand, they make their syrups from “fresh purees of the fruits instead of getting some frozen shit from Costco or Wal-Mart.” The ingredients make for a delicious flavor that doesn’t need any additional sweetening beyond the sugar cane... or something. 

There was a more detailed explanation, but I was lost in my shave ice. I ordered the passion fruit and ended up with the guava upon insistence from the server. Guava is one of those fruits that I enjoy whenever I visit the islands and then quickly forget about upon returning to the mainland. A sweet, subtle fruit usually mixed with other juices, like P.O.G. You won't forget about it here, they might even make you have it, and it's good. Damn good. 

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