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Scoops' out for Summer: Day 24

Two Tarts

scoops out for summer logoILLUSTRATION: Casey Jarman
WW's neighborhood bakery makes delicious little cookies, but less known is the ice cream it makes in-house. We sent intern Nora Eileen Jones down for Day 24 of Scoops' out for Summer.

Two Tarts
2309 NW Kearney St., 312.9522, tartnation.wordpress.com.

Price per scoop: $1.50
Most popular flavor: They rotate.
The people in front of me: Were either invisible or nonexistent. I just walked right in and was barraged by friendly greetings and delicious aromas.
Best for: A midday treat for yourself while picking up the huge bakery order for your office party.

Two Tarts bakery is the epitome of adorable. Located right next to Child’s Play, a family-owned toy store, it contributes to an overall atmosphere of childlike giddiness. A modest storefront window yawns open, letting in the cool outside air and letting out all sorts of delicious baking smells. To the right of the front counter a dizzying display of colorful treats smiles welcomingly (“no…no…I’m here for the ice cream,” I remind myself), sporting macarons and gems and countless other goodies. 

Two Tarts makes its ice cream in-house, and offers three flavors, which it keeps in tiny rectangular Tupperware containers in a little semi-hidden freezer. I looked up at the chalkboard and immediately ordered the day’s special flavor, which was lemon curd. It was rich, thick, and a little bit grainy; ribbons of bright yellow lemon custard wound through the buttery yellow scoop, giving it a nice variance of texture. Perfect for the weather during my visit, which was cool and overcast—it's rich and filling, but the lemon is so mouthwatering it’s almost savory. 

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