Auggie is, without question, the most stylish dog in Portland. The 6-year-old poodle has a distinct but eclectic sartorial edge, a wild-style eccentric spirit harking back to the Elton John of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. He's the Gigi Hadid of Portland dog fashion, appearing in a music video for the Australian band Pond, sashaying on the streets of Buckman and often making an appearance at the Revolution Hall dog park.

(Bridget Baker)
(Bridget Baker)

In fact, Auggie doesn't just dress better than other dogs. If you're anything like me, he dresses way better than you.

This was, in fact, my first thought when I encountered a picture of Auggie on a Reddit post devoted to deconstructing the dog's Bowie-like fashion presence: "Shit. This poodle is dressed better than me."

In person, Auggie was even more intimidating. He had Miley Cyrus-style mini buns, a tangerine and violet paisley scarf and a plastic gold medal around his neck. He looked amazing. We'd like to say he's humble about it—but apparently he isn't.

"He knows he looks good," his owner Bridget Baker told us after we tracked her down. (Baker has contributed photography to WW.) "He used to watch himself in the mirror."

(Bridget Baker)
(Bridget Baker)

Since meeting via a Seattle newspaper ad six years ago, Baker and Auggie have been inseparable, she says, but the reason he's taken to wearing clothes is apparently very simple: He's always cold. Before he got his new wardrobe, he shivered constantly. In New York, she had to dress him in tiny boots in the winter. "I'll put out his sweater, and he'll run to me and sit," she says.

Baker and Auggie have shared baguettes, clothes, beds and apartments. He's been a major emotional support for Baker since she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease six years ago.

"He's definitely my most successful relationship," she says. "He's my best friend, my shadow."

He's also her muse: Baker uses Auggie as a model for high-fashion pet photo shoots (yes, he also does nudes.) But Auggie is an artist in his own right, too.

"He pees on everything; he's like a graffiti artist," she says. "He runs around and tags things. He doesn't really know about dog behavior. He's definitely a creative."