Ever want to find a gangbang without even trying? There's a Twitter account for that.

Southeast Division Street's Oregon Theater is technically a movie theater, in that pornographic movies play. But most of the real action there is off-screen—the theater is a thriving, self-contained world of sex, a hall of exhibitionists, swingers, gangbangers and gangbangees where, as our reporter wrote in May, "men bounce around like molecules, desperate for something to do with their hard-ons."

Part as advertisement, part as pastime, whoever's running the desk provides a running commentary on the interior activities at @Oregon_Theater, under the moniker "Joseph's Party's," named after one of the theater's employees.

"Another wensday gangbang at 8pm," reads a July 5 update. "So thats today, we need lots of cocks. Last time three girls and not much dick."

"Just opened 15 people came in right away and a couple," the account proudly announced earlier the same day.

Alongside hardcore pornography and ultra-close-up images of orifices, the Oregon Theater's Twitter account provides helpful scheduling updates for the theater's frequent parties—this Friday's, July 14, will be '70s-themed—as well as what one could call a play-by-play breakdown of any given evening's activities.

"Foods out and girls are playing," you may be informed, or "Spanish couple in here now getting warmed up…And gangbang at 3pm so looks like a good day."

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