A movie about an unemployed man-child obsessed with his bicycle is basically a documentary in Portland. So what better city to celebrate the anniversary of Pee-wee's Big Adventure than here?

It was announced today that star Paul Reubens will be going on tour to commemorate 35 years of his most beloved film—and it'll begin Feb. 14 at Newmark Theatre. Yes, you can spend Valentine's Day with Pee-wee Herman himself.

The tour will feature screenings of the 1985 classic—which also introduced the world to director Tim Burton and Danny Elfman's film scores—followed by Reubens telling stories about the filming.

Did you know Paul Reubens is 67 years old, by the way? How has been as old as my parents this whole time?

Anyway, tickets go on sale Dec. 13. One person who's almost certainly really excited about this? Amy Dotson, the newly installed director of the Northwest Film Center, who wrote her her master's thesis on Pee-wee's Playhouse.