Last year's six-part documentary series Wild Wild Country ignited a nationwide fascination in Antelope, Ore.'s former cult of Rajneeshees.

In April, the show got the Saturday Night Live treatment, and in September, the series won an Emmy.

Now, in another marker of its walloping success, Wild Wild Country has been satirized by the popular comedy show Documentary Now! The IFC network series, now in its third season, was created by SNL alums Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers.

The most recent two-part episode, written by Meyers, takes place in the fictional town of Chinook, Ore., and casts Owen Wilson as a charismatic cult leader named Father Ra-Shawbard.

"Batshit Valley" stages interviews with earnest former cult members in a hilariously spot-on spoof of the original.

Shawbardites dress in all yellow and black, flail around with pool noodles and eat only vegetables that have granted their permission to be consumed.

Hader and Armisen are notably absent from the episode, but Michael Keaton does make a guest appearance.

The full episode, aired in two parts, can be viewed on YouTube.