“Saturday Night Live” Spoofs Gordon Sondland Again, This Time with Will Ferrell

Alec Baldwin returns as Trump and the two take turns trying to throw the other under the bus.

As we predicted, Saturday Night Live isn't done with Gordon Sondland.

Last week, the show briefly spoofed the Portland hotelier turned diplomat in a sketch presenting the presidential impeachment hearings as a soap opera. There, he was played by cast member Kyle Mooney. On Saturday, he turned up again, this time portrayed by a much bigger name: SNL alum Will Ferrell.

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In the sketch, Alec Baldwin returns to do his terrible Donald Trump impression, yelling at a group of reporters and reading off notes written in giant letters as a helicopter whirs in the background. (It's one of those classic SNL bits that doesn't really satirize current events but rather just sort of recaps them using famous people.) Ferrell, who also hosted, shows up as Sondland toward the end, wearing a bald cap and the shit-eating grin the real Sondland sported in front of Congress this past week, as both take turns attempting to throw the other under the proverbial bus.

It's a bit better than Mooney's take, but given the outsized role Sondland has played in the impeachment inquiry so far, you'd think the writers would give him a bit more screen time. Due to SNL's penchant for permanently plugging celebrities into the roles of topical figures—later in the show, Woody Harrelson, Larry David, Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph all appeared in the requisite spoof of the latest Democratic debate—don't be surprised if Ferrell-as-Sondland pops up a few more times this season.

In the meantime,  are there any procedures to, like, impeach Baldwin from his Trump impression? Because it really sucks.

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