1. Spirit of 77

500 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-232-9977, spiritof77bar.com.

The epitome of a Portland sports bar, the cavernous Spirit of 77 hall contains the perfect amount of local touches: indoor bike rack, espresso stand, and a back bar constructed from a reclaimed Hillsboro basketball court. The multiple TV screens should satisfy fans—it's also the official Ducks watch party site in Portland for UO alumni.

(Andrea Johnson)
(Andrea Johnson)

2. Birdie Time Pub

925 SE Main St., 503-966-1212, birdietimepub.com.

Located on a stretch of bar-barren industrial Buckman, Birdie Time is basically a boutique take on family fun centers like Dave and Buster's or Big Al's—only with much better beer, and the focus is on golf. The nine-hole putt-putt course is the centerpiece, but there are also 15 TV screens tuned to everything from pro football to college soccer, making it an ideal, if unusually colorful, makeshift sports bar.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

 3. Century

930 SE Sandy Blvd., 503-446-6418, centurybarpdx.com.

Southeast Portland's most ambitious sports bar also hosts DJ nights, drag bingo, salsa dancing lessons and obscure arthouse film screenings. But with its four drop-down screens and stadium-style seating, it's about the closest you can get to being in Pasadena without a ticket.

4. Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

5421 N Greeley Ave., 503-283-0676, greeleyavenue.com.

Hidden just down the street from the Adidas campus, the former and current Yorgo's—the sign out front kind of confuses things—is a neighborhood gathering spot where you're almost always guaranteed to find an open table, and the multiple TVs and giant pull-down screen ensure there's not a bad seat in the house. And the pub grub is above average, too.

(Andrea Johnson)
(Andrea Johnson)

5. Satellite Tavern

5101 N Interstate Ave., 503-841-6176.

If there's nothing else to say about the new sports bar on Interstate, at least its centerpiece mural—a vision of The Last Supper featuring John "The Jesus" Turturro standing in for JC himself—gives patrons plenty to talk about. Beyond its aesthetic touches, though, Satellite, at its core, is a fairly standard sports bar. But it's comfortable enough, and there's always a television in your sightline.

The Oregon Ducks play the Wisconsin Badgers on Wednesday, Jan 1., at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Kickoff is at 2 pm on ESPN.