After a day of doom-scrolling and compulsive news watching, many Oregonians could probably go for a drink—preferably in a loud, crowded dive.

That can't happen, of course. And we're pretty bummed out about it.

A state-by-state survey conducted by American Addiction Centers asked 3,000 adults across the country what they've missed more during the pandemic: bars or gyms. In Oregon, bars won out by a decent margin: 59% to 41%.

Overall, the survey found 1 in 3 respondents have whiled away quarantine by boozing rather than exercising. Given the source, the point seems to be that Americans are picking up bad habits as our lives continue to be upended, but c'mon, American Addiction Centers: Just let us live!

If you personally feel shamed, don't feel too bad: Delaware prefers social drinking to public sweating greater than any other state, with 83% of respondents saying they miss their local bar more than the local Crunch Fitness. Well, yeah—what else is there to do in Delaware?

Anyway: Hey, did you hear cocktails to go are legal now?