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Abigail Hall Reopens With Holiday High Tea Service

The high-end yet down-to-earth hotel bar announced it will reopen on Wednesday, Dec. 1, and entertain a limited number of tea service reservations for the three subsequent weekends.

The dreaded tick of the Tock is already clicking on Abigail Hall’s December tea service.

The high-end yet down-to-earth hotel bar—run by Holler and Bullard owner Jen Quist—announced it will reopen on Wednesday, Dec. 1, and entertain a limited number of High Tea service reservations for the three subsequent weekends. Saturdays and Sundays, Dec. 4 and 5, 11 and 12, 18 and 19. are the dates on offer and that reservation Tock is already open.

This isn’t the stiff-shirted, tea program that one might imagine. Continuing its cool bar approach, Abigail Hall’s High Tea will offer optional CBD tinctures and intoxicating pairings to go with your Earl Grey. The tea will be top notch, thanks to a partnership with Smith Tea—who also promise to unveil a number of special, tea-themed cocktails at the tea times.

“Your reservation includes a teapot with a choice of loose leaf tea from our menu, curated by our friends at Smith Tea, a tower of eight different treats and accompaniments for the table,” Abigail Hall’s Instagram reads. The service reserves at $38 per person, with a minimum required group of two guests. While they’re leaving the door open for walk-ins, it seems likely that these spots will sell out fairly quickly.

If you’re like me, you’re already asking: “What if I want to drink two pots of tea and eat 16 snacks?” WW has reached out to ask that question and will update this blog, if that information becomes available.

Closed other than for private events since September, Abigail Hall joins the ranks of other favorite downtown Portland dining and drinking establishments who are throwing open their doors once more. When it rains in Portland, it floods. And right now we’re in a tidal wave of beloved restaurants reopening downtown. Chin chin to that.

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DRINK: Abigail Hall, 813 SW Alder St., 971-978-0148, 5pm-12 am, Wednesday-Saturday, starting Dec. 1.