We haven't yet reached peak beer festival season in Oregon, but as our summer of helping drain kegs in sun-drenched parks appears to be in limbo, the Oregon Brewers Guild is trying to satisfy the need for communal drinking by taking the party online.

Next month, the organization is hosting the Stay Home, Drink Virtual Festival, where imbibers can watch brewers from across the state give behind-the-scenes tours, describe new releases in the works, and simply talk shop.

So far, nearly two dozen breweries are on board, including Portland producers like Ecliptic and Great Notion, as well as a handful of Central Oregon brands, such as Worthy and Wild Ride.

"If we've learned anything in the past six weeks, it's that we have to be able to adapt," said Christina LaRue, the Guild's executive co-director, in a press release. "Virtual events may not be ideal, but they are quickly becoming our new norm, and as we continue to see our favorite beer events being canceled, we wanted to find a way to connect lovers of Oregon craft beer with the breweries they've been missing."

The online event takes place 1-5 pm Saturday, May 2. Access to a private Facebook group and Zoom channel costs $10.

Participants can also buy a "Stay Home, Drink Beer" T-shirt and enter a raffle ($5 for one ticket, $20 for five) for a chance to win a variety box of 12 Oregon beers, custom glassware and swag.