BikeTown Will Soon Expand to North Killingsworth, Swan Island and the Brooklyn Neighborhood

Getting around this summer just got easier.

While driving just keeps getting worse in Portland, BikeTown keeps making more and more sense.

This summer, they're offering a $30 deal for Northwest Portland commuters and residents and if you bought an annual membership in May, they gave you a $20 discount.

Today, Portland Bureau of Transportation announced that BikeTown will expand further in three neighborhoods.

In Northeast, the expansion will include a reach to Northeast Jarrett and over to 33rd. Service will also expand to Swan Island and the Brooklyn Neighborhood, where the border will now reach east to Southeast 43rd Avenue and 44th Avenue between Southeast Alder and Harrison, which will include Southeast Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

Previously, bringing a BikeTown bike into any of these areas was grounds for a $20 out-of-service charge, but now riders can ride freely to the poppin' area of Swan Island, or to that new patio bar in Brooklyn.

Here are a few maps for reference: