Archive Portland

Even if you casually smoke weed, there’s a strong likelihood one of Archive’s creations has found its way into your pipe.

10645 SE Henry St., 503-719-4229, 9 am-8 pm Monday-Saturday, 10 am-8 pm Sunday.

If you're at all into cannabis genetics, you've heard of Archive Seedbank. Hell, even if you casually smoke weed, there's a strong likelihood one of Archive's creations has found its way into your pipe. As a breeding entity, Archive is responsible for some of modern cannabis's landmark cultivars, like Do-Si-Dos—possibly the most well-known and high-performing progeny of the lauded but finicky OG Kush Breath genotype of Girl Scout Cookies. So when you're looking for plants to put in your backyard this summer, you might as well go straight to the creators of such strains as Scooby Snacks and RudeBoi OG to source your precious four. What's more, as Archive's name might suggest, the collective is dedicated to cannabis preservation, so if you absolutely need an old-school Sour Diesel clone that verifiably dates back 20 years, Archive's your place. Apart from Archive's sought-after seeds and uncommonly diverse stable of heritage, cloned genetics, it stocks some of the nicest flower you'll find in the state. Resin Ranchers, a grow operation I once described as "the Multnomah Falls of chronic," frequently fill the jars at Archive, as do selections from Archive's own vertically integrated garden. It's a destination for weed heads that's sure to level out even the most upturned of noses.

NEARBY: Bike down the Springwater Corridor about 10 minutes and let your appetite loose at Cartlandia (8145 SE 82nd Ave.), where you'll find everything from fried catfish to Voodoo Doughnuts to Mongolian dumplings, plus a bar called the Blue Room.

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