128 SE 12th Ave., 503-462-7220;4124 SE 60th Ave., 503–388-7663; botanicapdx.com. 10 am-9 pm daily.

Both of Botanica's Southeast Portland dispensaries strike a desirable balance. With their warm wood paneling, verdant houseplants and sparse product arrangements, they're definitely cool, and yet they don't make you feel like you're dressed wrong. At a recent visit to the 60th Avenue location, Tyler the Creator bumped from unseen speakers as the budtender pulled out jars of flower from growers that included Kerby Kush Farms, Grizzly Farms and the house product, Botanical Innovations. The menu offers helpful descriptions for each strain that include CBD and THC percentages along with the cognitive effects of each strain, so you can get an idea beforehand whether your indica-dominant hybrid will be more of the "pleasantly tingly before bed" type or the "fear paralysis fever dream" type. Unless you plan on buying a full ounce, Botanica sells flower in gram increments only. You still get bulk discounts, however, even if you mix and match different strains. Select strains can be had for $6 a gram, and a full ounce of some strains comes in at $100. The selection of concentrates and edibles come from local producers like Willamette Botanicals, Cascadia Herbals and Grön. A full gram of BHO shatter is just $20 for medical patients, and all prices include tax.

NEARBY: About eight blocks from Botanica, you'll find one of Portland's most reliably lit dance halls, Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St.). Let the THC take hold among the lights and pulsing music, and if you get the munchies, the guajillo-braised shortrib tacos are always a satisfying choice.