4312 N Williams Ave., 503-384-2955, 215 SE Grand Ave., 503-477-9532, bridgecitycollective.com. 10 am-10 pm Monday-Sunday.

Bridge City Collective is among the class of medical-gone-recreational shops that have always struck a perfect balance between stylized New Portland retail and old-school visits to your favorite dealer. At the North Williams location, a sprawling botanical mural covers the white hallway that leads to the warmly lit bud room, while the location on the Industrial Eastside breaks up the clean, white walls of the reception area with a vibrant mural of the Fremont Bridge. They carry several of the most affordable CBD-heavy strains in the city at $6 a gram by Sweden Farms, along with primo THC-centric buds like the extremely stony Voyager #1 by 7 Points Oregon ($14 a gram). While perusing the 30-plus strains of oils and concentrates, be sure to check out the huge selection from Evolvd, an industry favorite for cartridge vaporizing, coming in half-grams for $35. In the edibles arena, they carry the entire Leif Medicinals chocolate bar line and Purefectionary gummies, plus more unique products like Muru syrup for anyone who wants to experiment with infused mocktails. The product selection targets legit stoners, but details like the wearable smoking accessories by High Society Collection step things up a notch without making you reconsider coming by Sunday morning in sweatpants.
NEARBY: At the North location, simply walk down Williams. If you don’t find a boutique or hyped eatery that catches your interest, take a turn into the neighborhoods to see the story of gentrified Portland told through the aging and renovated Victorians.