13315 NE Airport Way and four other locations, 503-477-7626, chalicefarms.com. 10 am-7 pm Monday-Sunday.

Clocking in at five locations, with an outpost in Jantzen Beach slated to open in 2019, Chalice Farms is no ordinary dispensary chain. Despite being open for three years, the airport location feels sleek and new. The minimalist déecor is mirrored inside, but the addition of wood accents provides needed warmth. Chalice's strength lies in its clinical understanding of the power of cannabis—budtenders here are more inclined to talk about the specific benefits of a strain rather than the ways it may inebriate the user. Science is clearly prized at Chalice; extracts are made on the premises, and the company even sponsors a cannabis science conference every year. When discussing industry updates with one employee, his eyes lit up as he describes the molecular structure of THC-delta, and how it is being modified to reduce paranoia in patients. "They've perfected the process, it's called isomerization!" he says, with infectious enthusiasm. The 10-cent words don't mean an exorbitant price tag, though. Pre-rolls start at $6 for a half-gram and go up from there, capping off with a 2-gram Youth in Asia joint for $20. Flower is listed as low as $7 a gram. Chalice's daily deals, weekly giveaways and frequent sales mean everyone can toke like a high roller, and if you happen to be flush, you can find something fancy, too, like perhaps some $72-a-gram THCa Crystalline.

NEARBY: The downtown location is two blocks from Luc Lac (835 SW 2nd Ave.), a Vietnamese-infused lounge with an ultra-'Grammable ceiling of parasols, Asian street food and tropical cocktails.