Eight Incredible Views That Are Even Better With Weed

High points.

Skidmore Bluffs (Henry Cromett)

Skidmore Bluffs
2230 N Skidmore Court
It's basically a rite of passage to hit the bluffs towering above the dangerously steep drop down to Swan Island where the stoned masses—plus families and teenage hickey aficionados—flock for the undisputed best sunset views in North Portland.

Overlook Park
North Fremont Street and Interstate Avenue
The Overlook neighborhood's namesake park has, of course, an overlook, and while the shipping yards of Swan Island aren't exactly postcard-ready, you'll be hypnotized as the sky turns into an oil painting above the West Hills.

Forest Park
4099 NW Thurman St.
Forest Park is 10 times more forest than park, one of the largest urban parks in the country at more than 5,000 acres. The Tolinda-Ridge Trail Loop, which winds through the quieter, wooded northern reaches of Forest Park before looping back down for a spectacular vista of the St. Johns Bridge, feels light-years away from any city but is just a 15-minute drive from downtown.

Mount Tabor
Southeast 60th Avenue and Salmon Street
At a peak height of about 636 feet, Mount Tabor is not exactly Everest. Still, the volcanic cinder cone offers a beautiful view from the top and makes Portland one of only four cities in the U.S. to have a dormant volcano within city limits.

Revolution Hall Roof Deck
1300 SE Stark St.
Portland's rooftop bar scene has been a little lackluster, but Revolution Hall's Roof Deck doesn't disappoint. You feel fancy even just walking in, as a bouncer stamps your wrist before you take the elevator to the top. Once you're up, it's like being in Manhattan, only cocktails are $8.50 and there are only a few dozen people.

Powell Butte Nature Park
16160 SE Powell Blvd.
East Portland's Powell Butte features a network of trails circling and crisscrossing the 600 acres of meadowland and woods covering this giant mound. It's well-posted and virtually impossible to get lost, but we recommend circling the park's perimeter for about 4.5 miles of beautiful vistas of the city.

Tilikum Crossing
Pedestrian-savvy Tilikum Crossing is the first major U.S. bridge to cater to pretty much every form of transportation except cars. Trust us, the IKEA-friendly Scandinavian design and bird's-eye views of the Willamette River will keep you on your toes.

Portland Aerial Tram
3303 SW Bond Ave.
Straight outta The Jetsons, the two trams—nicknamed Jean and Walt—connect to stylish Oregon Health & Science University hospital, itself a local landmark that attracts thousands of visitors daily. There is a low-key art museum within the hospital awaiting any visitor who travels 3,300 feet above ground from the South Waterfront.

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