203 NE Weidler St.; 1450 SW Marlow Ave.; 1279 Molalla Ave., Oregon City; electriclettuce.com. Hours vary at each location.

Serra knew its high-end approach wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. That's why it created the chilled-out sister brand Electric Lettuce, which leans into classic stoner culture with a polished touch. You'll see the same products you see at Serra, like Pruf Cultivar flower, Woodblock Chocolate and Mr. Moxey's Mints. But the bubble letters and psychedelic paint job embody marijuana's golden age in American culture. Electric Lettuce wants people to come in to buy weed, but also to get lost in nostalgia, listen to records, and look at the old posters and cannabis memorabilia. The little lobby area looks like your stoner uncle's house—the one you visited for really strong brownies and stories from his days as a Deadhead, complete with a '60s-era TV set and a frayed copy of The Old Man and the Sea.

NEARBY: Upright Brewing's subterranean tasting room in the Leftbank Building (240 N Broadway) makes a great pregame before an actual Blazers game across the street at Moda Center (1 N Center Court St.).